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Woodland Fairies

Hello April what will you bring? Spring yes and, I know one thing is for sure you will bring freedom about mid month as I will have my second shot .( hopefully ) But this post is supposed to be about The Story Behind the Art. So let’s start. I have found that Creativeness breeds […]


This Creative Life

Sometimes this creative life is a struggle. I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing since the beginning of the new year. Lack of time is not the problem, I have been in the house for weeks now my brain hurts from all of it. Lord knows if I balled up paper where an art form I […]


Quarantine Journal

Quarantine Journal Day (who the hello knows) Finding myself in the category of the at risk population and the proud owner of a basket full of meds. (In other words that means that I am older than dirt as one of my kids once told me but the alternative is not very attractive either) I […]