Mixed Media Printmaking with Maureen Seltzer

In this wildly creative and playful class, participants will learn to make prints using found objects for texture and image, layered paints for varied colors, and a mask (an image cutout) to create multiple, exciting prints! Each student will use an 8” x 10” gel printing press and a variety of tools and materials, including upcycling papers from books, maps, and music sheets to print onto. Instructor demos and a variety of techniques make this class rewarding and fun.

Participants will learn:

  • Multiple printmaking techniques involving layering colors, textures, and images
  • How to use a gel printing plate
  • About the studio materials such as papers, stencils, and found objects

No previous art experience is required to attend this adult only (18 yrs and older) class.
Participants will enjoy making multiple printed papers.

Maureen Seltzer is a visual artist with extensive teaching experience and expertise in monoprinting and collage. She was a contributing artist for Gel Press® which is a national brand and also served as a guest artist on a live broadcast with Jerry’s Artarama of Raleigh.

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