The Story Behind The Art

Being mixed media artists we tend to save weird stuff. Now if you are a mixed media artist you know when I’m talking about , don’t pretend you don’t . I bet if I took a walk through your studio I would find all kinds of weird stuff. Sometimes that weird stuff ends up in our art but most of it does not. For some reason I had saved a label off One of the cigar boxes that I like to do art on top off. Now sometimes that weird stuff gets hidden amongst all the other Piles of weird stuff, which is exactly what happened with this label. I found it when I was changing the way the studio was set up. At the time I also was working on some crow drawings. After moving stuff around standing there holding that label trying to decide if I was ready to just throw it away or keep it , you know that sometimes the struggle is real . I looked at my sketch book and suddenly remembered a story that a friend of mine had shared on her Facebook page about a pet crow that lived on her property and would leave her shiny trinkets for a peanut. Suddenly I was hit with the inspiration of doing a torn paper crow bending down to pick up the shiny cigar label, and that’s when it also hit me that I should call this Jenna’s crow. After all, without her story I would have probably thrown that labley away. You never know where your Muse will lead you for your next college. Cleaning the studio and changing it around helped me to decide on the next collage. So if you’re stuck and don’t have any inspiration maybe it’s time to just clean up the studio you never know what you’re fine maybe just what you need for the next masterpiece. So from one artist to another thank you Jenne for sharing that story. Now I’m off till next time working on finding that next masterpiece. Take care and be careful what you might decide to throw away. It might be just the thing to make your next painting.

Jeanne’s Crow 10 x 10 torn paper collage
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