The Story Behind the Art

Torn Paper Collage 10 x 10 2 inch deep panel
Meet Poppy now she lives and takes care of the fields of wild poppies at the edge of the woods. Once her work of weeding and looking over the flowers is done . She flies around the poppies looking for just the right flower to sit in . It must not be open to much or closed too tight. Finding just the right one she plops down swinging her legs with glee happy to be able to start her favorite pastime of daydreaming . Poppy would tell you that taking time to dream was just as important as breathing. If by chance a human is close by she will tuck herself into the flower she is sitting in and not be easily seen. It is not always good to keep you head lost in clouds dreaming as they say just ask Poppy. Once she was lost in the day dream world when she had the biggest scare of her life As a tall gray haired woman moved closer to the flower she had tucked herself in and cut it by the end of the stem. She held her breath as she was bounced around like she was riding a wild bull. Thinking to herself that this would be the end , the fairy tears
(which by the way are made up of wet sparkly glitter) ran down her face. All of a sudden plunk went the flower she was hiding in as it dropped to the ground landing in a basket of other poppies . After catching her breath she dared to peek out the side of the flower and saw that the old woman was moving away from her with her back turned so this was maybe the only opportunity to make a fast getaway. Moving fast as not to be spotted she made her way to the tall grass just beyond where she was dropped . After that day Poppy would still day dream but always keeping one eye open to be safe.

So what goes into the making of a torn paper collage Like Poppy you may ask yourself? First you need an idea. Once your idea is in hand you will need to do a fast under painting marking out your colors. Next you need old papers to mono print on the gell plate. What is a gelli plate ? I use a synthetic one that is squishy , some people use a homemade one that is gelatin. I used a gelatin one in the beginning but it needed to be kept in the refrigerator . You roll out paint with a brayer on the plate then put texture with found objects and pull a print. Once you have your papers printed out you then tear and glue them down on the canvas much like an artist lays a brush stroke.

Till next time ,Take care

Maureen Seltzer


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